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Asphalt Distributor Trucks

What is asphalt distributor truck

Asphalt distributor truck is a kind of pavement construction machinery, it is a highway, urban road, airport and port construction of major equipment. It can be used to transport and makes liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, and residue). The distributor is composed of automobile chassis, asphalt tank, asphalt pump, and spraying system, heat conduction oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system and control system, pneumatic system, operating platform.

It consists of an automobile chassis, it is convenient for paving the road with asphalt. There are so many spray nozzles, it is of high efficiency. Out-cover of asphalt tank is stainless steel (patent No. ZI02216280.1) Asphalt water sprinkling is of multi-purpose. Flexibility in usage with variety specifically high-temperature asphalt, emulsified asphalt, and modified asphalt. This manual asphalt distributor has two sets of pipeline cleaning system and doesn't require external cleaning methods.

Asphalt distributor trucks series

Asphalt distributor trucks details

Our asphalt distributor has , heating system and is equipped with a rear lighting system. It has two sets of spray gun that work synchronously. Adjustable, rotational and tapered rear spraying nozzle).Spraying pipe is flexible, rotational and can be folded with an adjustable spray bar width of 0-6 meters. Complete electronic monitoring operation equipment straight from its cab. The asphalt tank is equipped with a heating system and imported diesel burner. The combustion quality is good and pollution-free. The unique heat transfer oil system is used to heat and heat the asphalt pump and valve.

The multi-function pumping system can meet various needs in asphalt transportation. Self-flow unloading: When the oil storage tank is lower than the asphalt transport vehicle, it can be discharged directly from the flow; pressure discharge: when the oil storage tank is higher than the asphalt transport vehicle, it is pumped by pressure; self-pumping: through its own oil drain pipe The asphalt in the heat preservation tank or the oil storage tank is sucked into the vehicle without an external pump; internal circulation: during the heating process of the asphalt, the inner can be performed to improve the heating quality of the asphalt; the external pump input: the can be injected through the manhole of the tank top. The hydraulic system drives the asphalt pump and the heat transfer oil pump, the drive is reliable, and the operation is convenient; the liquid level full display and the full position alarm system are provided, which facilitates the control of the asphalt liquid level in the tank.
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