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LED Trucks

Led Truck is also called LED Advertising Truck, LED Billboard Truck, which is mainly design for advertising purpose. LED Advertising Truck include a truck chassis, large screen system, power supply system, and an operating system. It is widely used in publicity, product promotion, brand promotion, on-site display, sports events, concerts, concerts, and shows of enterprises and institutions.  It can be also used for live full-color exchange, and interaction with audiences or consumers in different area like commercial areas, plazas, residential areas, and parks. A wide range of publicity is available to enable customers to obtain the greatest advertising effectiveness. As a professionable manufacturer, we have led screen truck and led billboard truck for sale.

LED trucks series

  • 4X2 FOTON wheelbase 3360 LED Advertising Truck

    LED Advertising Trucks

    05 28,2018 An advertising vehicle is a vehicle that is specifically used for advertising. I... VIEW
  • P4 Outdoor Mobile LED Advertising Trailers

    LED Advertising Trailer

    05 28,2018 Led advertising Trailer is also called mobile led billboard trailer, LED Screen ... VIEW
  • Mobile Stage Roadshow Trucks With LED Screen

    Stage Trucks

    05 28,2018 The mobile stage car is a special type of car that is convenient for mobile perf... VIEW
  • Mobile Advertising LED Stage Semi Trailers

    Stage Semi Trailers

    05 28,2018 The stage semi-trailer is also called the mobile stage semi-trailer, the LED sem... VIEW

Led trucks by chassis & screen & power

Our LED Truck can be manufactured as customer demand. For truck chassis, it can be right-hand driving or left hand driving with the different emission standard EURO 2, EURO 3, EURO 4, EURO 5 as per customer requirement. For the LED Screen, there is a different resolution for customer choice, including P10, P8, P6, P5, P4, etc, optional lifting system can be chosen as a customer. The LED Truck can be both sides LED screen, or one side LED Screen or one side billboard advertising, as it is also a good way to display the advertisement. For the rear end led screen, it can be a single color for advertising display or full-color screen as per customer demand. As LED Truck manufacturer, we can also a tailor-made a platform for customer demand, which is about 10CBM platform. 

LED Truck power sound and power supply system. All LED Truck has a petrol or diesel generator, which supply electricity to full truck system.  All Led Truck will own Integrated control system, circulating ventilation cooling device, safe smart grid switching system, generator set, Gigabit Media Control System, Shook Proof Control Computer, Power Amplifier, and Waterproof Stereo Speaker.

LED trucks by functions

Stage Truck & Trailer is a combination of LED Advertising function together with stage function. It usually has a large stage than LED Truck. Stage truck can serve more like a stage, which is better met the demand of the big event or gala.

An LED Truck have many advantages of advertising, it right-hand premises restriction, which can be work in the main street, alley, community, commercial area, as per different customer's requirement.
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