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LPG Tank Semi Trailers

What is LPG tank semi trailer

LPG gas bulk tank trailer is also called LPG trailer, LPG tank semi trailer is widely used in transporting kinds of Liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane, isobutane, propylene, dimethyl ether, ammonia, etc. Adopt China newest or USA ASME pressure vessel, Standard, it is high quality and reliable safety.

LPG Tank Semi Trailer is tank semi-trailer with 2 axles or 3 axles running gear. The volume is usually from 40CBM to 62CBM, which is 20ton to 30ton in loading weight. It is usually designed for long distance LPG delivery, so in many countries, it is also called LPG Mobile Tank, LPG Mobile Tanker.  Single fluid, double side loading, and unloading, double valve box, double toolbox, relief valve, thermometer, pressure gauge, emergency shut-off valve, 13 tons BPW axle,12 pieces tubeless tire, JOST leg, JOST drawing pin, fire bottle, anti-static adhesive tape, plastic fender, anti-lock braking system.

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