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Mobile Food Trailers

What is mobile food trailer

Mobile food trailer is widely used in the sale of various products. The car body is a box structure, which can be parked at any time in densely populated leisure squares, pedestrian streets, stations, theaters, docks, campuses, celebration venues, sports venues, tourist attractions, etc. The place can also be opened to townships, suburbs, and on-site production and sales, that is health and freshness. By installing an ice cream machine, beverage machines, refrigerators, mobile vending carts, van trucks, mini-mobile wagons, and other food machinery on professional cars. Ice cream, sundae, milkshake, beverage, ice porridge, fruit bubble, coffee, juice, milk tea, Ice products, but also teppanyaki, kebab and other dozens of food can be made on the car. It is a new multi-functional mini mobile supermarket.

Mobile food trailers series

Mobile food trailers details

The mobile food trailer is turned over on three sides, and the left and right sides are turned into a bar of 30 cm, with a power amplifier, a horn, and three LED lighting strips inside. There are one socket in the front and rear of the box, the bottom plate is an aluminum tread plate, and the tail pedal is Flip type. The color of the vehicle can be selected according to your needs. The mobile vending cart has a stylish appearance, reasonable structure, flexibility and simplicity, and has the characteristics of light weight, safe use and strong carrying capacity. It is a multi-functional vehicle that leads the trend of the times. Because of its powerful function, its liquidity is very convenient and fast, it is not restricted by the regional nature of the store, it is more competitive in the market, the business mode becomes flexible, and it generates more profit. It is a good project for you to invest and make money!
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