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Logistics Refrigerated Trucks

What is logistics refrigerated transport

Logistics Refrigerated transport refers to the transportation of perishable goods quickly and with high quality by means of refrigeration, heat preservation, and ventilation. Logistic Refrigerated truck, refrigerated vessel and refrigerated containers are the main tools for refrigerated transport. China has vast land, large climate differences, a wide variety of perishable goods, and a long average transportation mileage. Therefore, the organization of refrigerated transport is complicated and the cost of refrigerated transport is high. It is of great significance to do a good job in refrigerated transport to meet the needs of social production, people's lives and foreign trade.

Logistics refrigerated transport series

Logistics Refrigerated transport classification

The classification of refrigerated logistics mainly depends on the classification of the goods to be transported. The preservation categories such as vegetables, flowers, fruits, fresh-keeping vaccines, fresh aquatic products, electronic components, general temperature requirements of 2-8 degrees, cold and fresh Items such as sour meat, seafood, soy products, vaccine products, medical waste, chocolate, etc. Generally, the temperature requirement is between 0 and -5 degrees, and frozen items such as quick-frozen food, quick-frozen seafood fresh-keeping products, frozen meat products, etc., generally require a temperature between -10 degrees and -18 degrees. Deep-frozen items such as high-grade ice cream, high-risk goods, and high-quality bread yeast dough generally require a temperature between -20 and -45 degrees.

Logistic Refrigerated truck, a composite structure of all-plastic and fully-closed composite materials. The inner is fiberglass steel plates, the middle interlayer is polyurethane foam insulation material,80-100mm, and the four sides are bonded with high-strength glue to bond the glass steel plate and the polyurethane foam material to form a Closed plates, which are bonded together with high-strength glue when assembled into a truck body, and fastened with high-strength screws. The van refrigeration unit can be selected from the United States brand, such as the Thermo King, France Kelly, Korea Hanya, etc
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