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Flatbed Trucks

What is fatbed truck

Flatbed trucks, also known as construction machinery transporters, flatbeds, and low-profile transporters, are mainly used to transport non-detachable objects like excavators, loaders, and harvesters. Flat-panel transport vehicles are common heavy-duty trucks in their daily life. These vehicles are widely used in large-scale production or engineering sites such as factories and construction sites. The heavy-duty bearing capacity of flat-panel transport vehicles plays an important role in the economic development process.

Flatbed trucks series

Flatbed trucks details

Its varieties include Dongfeng Jinba flatbed transporter, Dongfeng Dollyka flatbed transporter, Dongfeng 145 flatbed transporter, Dongfeng 153 flatbed transporter, Dongfeng front four rear four flat transport trucks, Dongfeng front four rear eight flat transport trucks, Chufeng single Bridge flat transport trucks, liberation, Futian, Jianghuai and other specifications of flat transport vehicles, in addition to semi-mounted flat transport vehicles. The loaded goods range from 3 tons to 30 tons and are suitable for long-distance transportation of construction machinery and some non-removable goods.

Flatbed trucks are also called flatbed trailers, bulldozers, excavator trucks, flatbed trucks, hook trucks, excavator flatbeds, excavator flatbed trailers, excavator trailers, excavator pallet trucks, hook planes, hooks Machine flatbed trailers, etc., used to transport some non-removable machinery such as excavators, loaders, harvesters, etc.

Features High-elastic solid tires, which enhance the load carrying capacity and service life of the trailer, and reduce the damage caused by the bumps of the vehicle during driving. The double suspension bracket can adjust the balance and stability of the flatbed by itself;The pin material of each joint part is made of alloy steel and processed by special treatment;The design is reasonable, and the main beam of the I-beam is used to increase the bearing capacity and improve the stability of the whole vehicle.
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