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Swing Arm Garbage Trucks

What is swing arm garbage truck

Swing Arm Garbage Truck, Optional Chassis like DONGFENG, FOTON, FAW, ISUZU, etc brands, It is equipped with a unified supporting hydraulic lifting assembly and can be transported to the unified swing arm garbage hopper of the whole country through the left and right arms. The garbage hopper car body is divided into two types of garbage hoppers, namely, swinging arm type and ground pit dual-purpose. It can be equipped with a sealing cap to prevent leakage and flying pollution, so as to meet the requirements of different environments and use domestic leading technology and military enterprise accessories, reliable quality.

Swing arm garbage trucks series

Swing arm garbage trucks by functions

Swing arm garbage truck is widely used in sanitation & municipal, industrial enterprises and residential area. This truck is used together with several garbage tanks to improve work efficiency, also the new design of the cover for all garbage tanks avoid pollution during the transporting process. All modified part can be separated from chassis, so it is easy to maintain and the mobility & readability of the truck are kept.

The swing arm garbage truck is suitable for the national general garbage hopper with self-unloading function, hydraulic operation, the garbage hopper can be lifted up and down by itself, and the swing arm working cycle time is the 60S. The characteristics of the vehicle are that the cargo bucket and the car body are separated. It can realize the combined operation of one vehicle and multiple cargo buckets, and can for transportation. It can fully improve the transport capacity of the vehicle, especially suitable for short-distance transportation, such as the cleaning and transportation of urban garbage by the environmental sanitation department.

Swing arm garbage trucks advantages:

1. Easy Maintenance;
2. Circular transportation;
3. Self-discharge;
4. Safe and stable, reliable performance.
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