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Water Trucks

What is water truck

Water Truck, also names sprinkling Truck, multi-function watering truck, Garden watering truck, water tank, water delivery truck which is widely used for different areas cleaning, tree, greening, road, factory construction and high altitude engineering cleaning, from which is of watering, dust moving, different angles sprinkling, pesticide sprinkling, fence cleaning, water delivery, drainage etc function. At the same time, it can be used for temporary emergency fire sprinklers. Each sprinkler is equipped with a fire-fighting interface.

Water trucks series

Water trucks details

The gearbox is driven by the engine, and the PTO mounted on the gearbox drives the water pump, and the water pump generates the main power to spray the liquid inside the tank through the pipe network. Self-priming height: ≤7m, sprinkling width: ≥20m, maximum range: ≥28m; can be adjusted into a column shape, range ≥28m; can also be adjusted into the fog, range ≥5m.

It is sprayed before spraying, with a duck-shaped nozzle or a round-headed nozzle in front, a cylindrical open sprinkler nozzle or a shower head nozzle on the back, and a working platform at the rear, equipped with a high-pressure water cannon. Eight nozzles (optional) in the rear can also be used to flush the street.

The sprinkler uses the engine power of the vehicle to drive the onboard sprinkler pump through the power take-off and adds water to the vehicle from the water inlet or pipes the water in the tank to each nozzle to realize various functions.

The liquid inventory in the pump must be higher than the pump shaft before pump sprayed. Therefore, the pump inlet must be connected with an upwardly bent elbow and then a horizontal tube and quick joint. The quick joint centerline must be higher than the pump shaft center line 300 mm. The inlet piping system must ensure no air leakage; the suction head of the suction pipe must be submerged under water to prevent the air from being sucked into the water pipe; when the outlet pipe is connected to the pump outlet, the length of the straight pipe must be ≥200 mm and then the elbow is connected.

The sprinkler pump can be used as a water absorption and pressure drainage. The self-priming pump can directly suck the water from the pond into the tank, or directly connect the water from the fire hydrant on the city street to inhale the water in the tank.
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