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Hook Lift Garbage Trucks

What is hook lift garbage truck

Hook lift garbage truck, The hook arm garbage truck is also known as the carriage dump truck. It is mainly suitable for the collection and transportation of garbage in various places such as municipal sanitation, property management, large-scale factories, industries, and mines. The garbage can be completely separated from the chassis by the full hydraulic control operating system.

The utility model can realize the combined operation of a car and a plurality of garbage compartments, circulate transportation, and fully improve the transportation capacity of the vehicle. One car can carry multiple boxes, which is efficient, energy saving and cost saving. The hook arm garbage truck adopts the high-tech design to be able to swing the hook arm, a truck can take many carriages, loading and unloading is convenient, realizes the second lifting of the carriage and makes the mechanism most labor-saving.

Hook lift garbage trucks series

Hook lift garbage trucks advantages

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable and convenient operation, high-efficiency loading and unloading, and labor saving. The garbage can be equipped with several refuse transfer boxes. The transfer box can be used as a simple, beautiful and environmentally friendly waste transfer station to maximize the efficiency of vehicles.

1. reasonable structure
2. simple and stable operation;
3. High efficiency;
4. Good sealing performance;
5.Easy Dumping;
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