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Slurry Seal Coat Trucks

What is slurry seal coat truck

Slurry Seal Coat Truck is a kind of road maintenance equipment developed by developed countries in Europe and America in the late 1980s, according to the needs of road maintenance and maintenance. Slurry Seal Coat Truck can be used to pour the durable asphalt mixture according to the surface texture of the old road surface, which can effectively close the road surface and isolate the cracks in the surface layer from water and air to prevent the road surface aging from deepening. Because the aggregate used, emulsified asphalt and additives are like slurries, it is called a slurry sealer. Now we can still see that when repairing damaged roads, road maintenance workers use construction signs to isolate the working sections, and the vehicles have to go around. Due to the long construction time, it is very inconvenient for vehicles and pedestrians. In the busy road sections, parking lots, airport corridors, etc., the slurry sealer is used. After a few hours of disconnection, the repaired road section can be reopened. The slurry is water-repellent, and the road surface repaired with the slurry is anti-slip and easy to drive.

Slurry seal coat trucks series

Slurry seal coat trucks details

Slurry Seal Coat Truck is a special equipment for the construction of slurry seal layer. It is a kind of raw materials such as mineral materials, fillers, asphalt emulsion and water which are suitably graded. It is blended and mixed according to a certain design ratio to make a uniform slurry mixture. And lay the machinery on the road surface according to the required thickness and width. The working process is completed in the case of continuous batching, mixing and paving in the running of the sealing car. It is characterized by mixing and paving on the road surface at a normal temperature. Therefore, it can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, speed up construction progress, save resources and save energy.
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