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Car Carrier Trailers

What is car carrier trailer

A Car Carrier Trailer is a vehicle that transports a car. There are three models of the car according to the structure, which are double-bridge twin-tube, double-bridge single-tire, single-bridge twin-tire; according to the appearance, it is divided into skeleton type, semi-closed type and closed type.

According to the structure of the car carrier trailer, we can divide the car into three types: skeleton, semi-enclosed and fully enclosed. According to the rear axle structure of the car carrier, we can divide the car into two axes. Single tire type, double shaft double tire type, etc.

Car carrier trailers series

Car carrier trailer details

Car Carrier Trailer can be made into different lengths according to customer requirements. The frame is welded I-beam, and the whole body is fully automatic submerged arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. After the welding is completed, shot peening is performed to eliminate the welding stress and improve the adhesion of the paint surface, so that the quality is stable and the appearance is beautiful. The upper chassis can be divided into two to three blocks, and the height is adjusted by the chain hoist and the cylinder. The closed front piece is made of stamped small corrugated board skin, the side is made of the small corrugated board or stamped corrugated board skin, and the top is equipped with awning rod and tarpaulin. The whole vehicle is equipped with a toolbox, a spare tire frame, and a drip brake system to improve the safety of vehicle transportation.

The car carrier trailer also continues the original safety genes of the car, using the keel frame cab and integral door, and the 1.2-2mm high-strength steel plate as the frame, the outer cover of 0.8mm high-strength steel plate, the key valve of the whole vehicle adopts the WABCO brand. The gas path is copper quick-insertion, the air pressure is stable, and there is no air leakage, forming a "strong protective shield"” for the Dragon Card car, ensuring the safety of personnel and goods in all directions.
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