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Milk Tank Trucks

What is milk tank truck

Milk tank truck is also called milk transport truck, milk delivery truck, milk lorry. It is widely used for transporting fresh milk and liquefied food. The fresh milk produced by the traditional method, from the pasture to the processing plant, has to go through many links, the most important of which is the transportation link. Because of its specific nature, fresh milk is easy to precipitate and easy to deteriorate, so transportation needs a tank container and does not react with fresh milk. The tank volume can be  4 cubic meters to 45 cubic meters. The tank body is made of food-grade stainless steel plate. The tank can be divided into 2-3 compartments. Every single compartment has a separate discharge hole and charging hole. A small refrigerator is required for transportation distances greater than 500km. The outer part of the tank body needs to be used as an insulation layer to prevent the deterioration of fresh milk. Quality milk tank trucks for sale.

Milk tank trucks series

Milk tank trucks details

The middle of the tank is an insulation layer with a heat preservation effect to prevent deterioration of fresh milk. The temperature change does not exceed 1 degree for 24 hours at a temperature difference of 30 degrees. The insulation material is insulated with 80 (mm) thick polyurethane foam material. The inside of the tank body needs to be smooth and has no sharp angle. Generally, it is necessary to add cip (cleaning device) in each milk tank. A small refrigerator can be considered for a transport distance greater than 500 km. According to the demand, the tank can be set up as a multi-storage, and a variety of media can be dispensed at any time so that the pump can be pumped in and out, and the meter can be used. Optional components include a flow meter, level gauge, safety lock Device, anti-spill device, etc. We can supply many famous brands of milk tank truck, such as Dongfeng, Foton, JAC, HOWO, ISUZU, JMC and so on. At present, some domestic manufacturers have the qualification to produce and sell fresh milk transport vehicles. They must have the production process and technical standards of milk tankers.
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