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Synchronous Chip Sealer

What is synchronous gravel sealer

Synchronous gravel seal refers to the simultaneous spraying of the asphalt binder and the spreading of the aggregate by the synchronous gravel sealer so that the asphalt binder and the aggregate have the most complete contact to achieve the maximum between them. The degree of bonding.

Compared with the ordinary gravel seal, the synchronous gravel seal shortens the time interval between the spray adhesive and the spread aggregate, so that the aggregate particles can be better implanted into the binder to obtain more Covering area. It is easier to ensure a stable proportional relationship between the binder and the stone chips, improve work productivity, reduce mechanical configuration, and reduce construction costs.

Synchronous gravel sealer series

Synchronous gravel sealer details

After the asphalt pavement is sealed by synchronous gravel, it has better anti-skid and anti-seepage performance, and can effectively cure the road surface such as poor oil, falling particles, slight cracks, rutting, and subsidence. This technology can be used on both high-grade roads and ordinary roads.

Synchronous gravel seal technology has excellent water resistance, high slip resistance, and good performance in dealing with pavement cracks, ensuring 7-10 years of road maintenance performance without loss of aggregate.

Synchronous gravel sealer is used for: the lower seal layer of the road pavement, the construction of the upper seal layer, the construction of the worn layer of the new and old pavement, the layer pavement construction of the asphalt pavement, and the sprinkling (sprinkling) of the asphalt gravel under special circumstances.

Synchronous gravel sealer advantages

1.exclusive use of hydraulic drive mode, no need to add any auxiliary power make the operation more simple and convenient.

2.exclusive use of efficient oil boiler to heat up, so that the temperature rise would be enhanced greatly speed, breaking the traditional flue heating method.

3. The device can be achieved within a stone chip spreader hopper lifting construction, more convenient and culvert construction, bridge construction, as well as the construction of the curve.

4. The device is complete with electrical control, a high degree of automation,, can accurately calculate the equipment during the construction and stone chips spreading asphalt spray volume amount of how much.
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