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Sewer Cleaning Trucks

What is sewer cleaning truck

Sewer Cleaning Truck, also names sewer dredging truck, multi-purpose sewage truck. This truck integrates the functions of cleaning and sucking sewage trucks to realize the multi-purpose of one truck when cleaning the sewage of large-scale pipeline community in urban sewers with high efficiency. The truck can be equipped with sprinklers, green sprinklers, front and rear sprinklers, side sprays, from which can be used for greening, spraying, dusting, high-pressure washing of pavements, sewers, pipeline sediments, dead corner mud ditch dredge.

Sewer cleaning trucks series

Sewer cleaning trucks details

The sewer cleaning truck mainly adopts a power take-off system, a transmission system, a waterway system, a hydraulic system, a hose reel high-pressure and an operating system. The water in the water storage tank is passed through a high-pressure hose through a high-pressure water pump, and high pressure is sprayed from the hole of the high-pressure nozzle to the rear. Using the reaction force of water and enabling the nozzle to automatically drive the hose into the depth of the sewer, thereby achieving the purpose of flushing and dredging the sludge and debris in the sewer. It is an ideal high efficiency for municipal, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, electric power and other departments.

The special part for sewer cleaning truck consists of power take-off, drive shaft, vacuum suction pump, high-pressure water pump, water gas separator, multi-way reversing valve, clean water tank, window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system to pump sewage, sludge and mixed debris, small bricks, gravel. It is of high suction efficiency, self-priming and direct irrigation, from which is widely used in large, medium and small towns. , municipal, chemical, factory and mining enterprises, residential areas. And on the basis of the sewage truck, the function of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle is added, and one vehicle is used for both purposes, saving money and labor, and the economy is cost-effective.
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