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Oil Tanker Trucks

What is oil tanker truck

Oil Tank Truck also known as fuel tank truck,  mobile refueling truck, computer tax refueling truck, fuel tanker truck, oil tanker truck, oil tank truck, petrol tanker truck, gasoline tanker truck,it's mainly used for transport  and storage Petrol/Gasoline, Diesel/AGO, Crude oil, Lubricants, Coal Tar, sometimes it also refers as white product transportation.

Oil tanker trucks series

Oil Tank Trucks by materials

To transfer different fuel, there are different tank materials for choice, which including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy. Carbon steel is common fuel delivery, which also an economic choice. Stainless Steel material can be chosen for Food-grade Oil or Aviation or Crude oil transportation.

Oil Tank Trucks by sizes

According to size and function, fuel tank truck is usually divided into 2 tanks different type, which is Fuel Tanker Trailer and Mobile Fuelling Trucks. Fuel Tanker Trailer can be both in 2 axles and 3 axles within capacity from 35CBM to 60CBM.

Oil Tank Trucks by functions

According to different uses and different environment, there are a variety of fuel or transportation functions, with oil absorption, pump oil, a variety of oil packaging, distribution and other functions. Fuel delivery truck is consist of a tank, power takes off, drive shaft, gear pump, pipe network system and other components. Pipe network system consists of pumps, tees four ball valves, two-way ball valves, filters, pipes.
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