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Garbage Compactor Trucks

What is garbage compactor truck

Garbage Compactor Truck, also named as waste garbage compactor truck, trash garbage compactor truck, refuse compactor truck. The compression type garbage truck is composed of a sealed garbage bin, a hydraulic system, and an operating system.  Garbage Compactor is the machinery of choice for door to door collection of waste. The collected waste is simultaneously compacted and eventually transported to the dumping site.

Garbage compactor trucks series

Garbage compactor trucks details

The whole vehicle is fully sealed, and all the sewage in the process of self-compression, self-dumping and self-compression enter the sewage chamber, which thoroughly solves the problem of secondary pollution in the process of garbage transportation and avoids inconvenience to people.

The key components are imported parts, which have the advantages of high pressure, good sealing, easy operation and safety. Computer control system, all loading enter and unloading operations require a driver to operate one person, can set automatic and semi-automatic two operating modes, not only reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers but also greatly improve the working environment. It can be equipped with a bucket turnover mechanism or a garbage bucket turnover mechanism.

Garbage compactor trucks advantage

1. Simple garbage collection method;
2. High compression ratio and large load;
3. Automatic working;
4. Good economy;
5. Double insurance system;
6. Turnover device: an optional turnover device with a garbage bucket or hopper.
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