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Stage Semi Trailers

What is stage sem trailer

The stage semi-trailer is also called the mobile stage semi-trailer, the LED semi-trailer, and stage performance semi-trailer. It can be used for outdoor performances, circuit-running, brand promotion, product display, on-site promotion, and other multi-function large-scale stage semi-trailer. The stage semi-trailer produced by our company is beautiful in appearance, simple in operation, and adopts hydraulic control technology. All the equipment can be easily deployed without lifting the load. High strength and good safety.

The stage semi-trailer mainly consists of a semi-trailer chassis, a front panel, a rear panel, a left-hand variable compartment, a right-hand lifting panel, a side-lifting mechanism, a folding stage, a hydraulic system, an electric control system, a toolbox, legs and etc. The whole body adopts a combination frame of aluminum profiles and stamping parts, the outer plate is an aluminum alloy plate, the interior is waterproof plywood, and the stage plate is a special stage skid plate.

Stage semi trailers series

The right outer panel and the right side of the top panel are hydraulically lifted to a position perpendicular to the table top to form a sunshade, rainproof, fixed ceiling and advertising bearing surface. The side plate and the top plate are respectively controlled by four hydraulic cylinders to form the top of the stage. The bottom plate is also controlled by four hydraulic cylinders. It saves the traditional set-up procedure,time and effort.

The stage semi-trailer is unfolded by a fully automatic mechanical device, and it is built into a stage with a ceiling and a stage board. It can also be equipped with interfaces such as lighting, sound, subtitles, curtains, power supply, and set hanging points.

The stage semi-trailer can be divided into three categories according to the user's needs: 1. Single side expansion: automatic expansion of the single sided of the carriage forms a stage countertop, half-turned roof, an LED billboard can be installed, and the other side of the carriage forms a stage backstage. 2. Double-sided expansion: The two sides of the carriage are unfolded together to form the entire stage top, the roof can multi-function or not raised. 3. Three-sides unfolding: three sides unfolding together form the entire stage top. Make full use of the side panels of the carriage to expand the dance countertop.
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