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Logging Trucks

What is logging truck

Logging truck refers to a "special car" with a flat-type long cargo platform, with the automatic opening of the column on both sides, and the control lever can safely remove the log. There are many types of semi-trailer, full-hanging and long-term trailers, which are mainly used for log transportation in forest areas, storage yards, train freight yards, ports, etc.

The log is a wooden segment whose length is cut to a certain length according to the standard specification or special specification of size, shape, and quality. This wooden segment is called a log. The round section formed by the original strip after the material is formed. There are also skinned and peeled. According to the original wood quality and use value, it is divided into two categories: economical materials and firewood. The economical materials are used directly for logs and processing logs according to their use. The direct use of logs is divided into mining pits, house constructions and so on. The processing logs can also be divided into special logs, conifer processing logs, and hardwood processing logs. These logs are used as the main products of the forestry to meet the national timber standards.

Logging trucks series

Logging trucks details

Log transport vehicles have been used for forest log transport, long pipe transport, etc., to adapt to long-distance transportation of roads and poor road conditions. Log transport trucks have been exported to Russia, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, and have been well received by users for their good cost performance. Especially the 6x6 full-wheel drive log transporter has strong power, adaptability, reasonable trailer design and large load capacity, and is highly favored by log producers. Optional: Chassis part: special engine oil pan protection grille; rear towing hook; front protection frame; working platform.
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