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Refrigerated Trucks

What is refrigerated truck

A refrigerated truck is a closed van that transports frozen or fresh-keeping goods. The refrigerated truck is a refrigerated special transport vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit and an insulated box (usually made of polyurethane, FRP, colored steel plate, stainless steel etc.). Refrigeration units are divided into non-independent refrigeration units and independent refrigeration units. Domestic and imported units. The average model uses an external chiller, and a few micro-refrigerators use a built-in chiller. Classified by chassis load capacity, the refrigerated truck can be divided into the micro refrigerated truck, small refrigerated truck, medium refrigerated truck, large refrigerated truck. Refrigerated trucks are often used to transport frozen food (frozen trucks), dairy products (milk transport vehicles), vegetables and fruits (fresh freight transport vehicles), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicles) and so on.

10 Ton Refrigerated Truck

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