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Refrigerator Trailers

What is refrigerated trailer

Refrigerated Trailer is used for long-distance transportation of goods. Before refrigerating trucks are loaded, the cabin must be pre-cooled or preheated for about 1.5 hours. Because the vehicle is parked in the open air, usually the temperature of the cabin is the temperature of the external environment. Generally speaking, the temperature of the cargo being transported cannot be the ambient temperature. If so, there is no need to transport the refrigerated truck. When the goods are loaded into the car, the ambient temperature inside the car will affect the temperature of the goods being transported, resulting in a change in the quality of the goods being transported.

Therefore, the car must be pre-cooled to the necessary temperature before loading. The refrigeration unit provides a continuous supply of "cold" for refrigerated trucks. It is generally installed on the front of the container. It has an air-conditioned shape but has a stronger cooling capacity than the same volume of the air conditioner. Refrigeration units are generally divided into two types, independent units, and non-independent units. The difference is that the independent units are completely powered by another unit to maintain the work. The non-independent units are completely powered by the engine of the vehicle to drive the group.

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