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Fire Fighting Trucks

What is fire fighting truck

Fire fighting truck also is known as a fire truck, fire engine,fire apparatus, are special vehicles used primarily to perform fire response tasks. Modern fire fighting trucks are usually equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, rescue tools, first aid tools, etc. In addition, some of them will be equipped with large fire extinguishing equipment such as water tanks, water pumps and foam fire extinguishing devices. The fire trucks in most areas have a red appearance, but some parts of the fire trucks have a yellow appearance. Some special fire trucks also have the same. The top of the fire trucks usually has alarm bells, warning lights and strobe lights.

Fire fighting trucks series

Fire fighting trucks functions

The fire fighting trucks are various in variety and complex in function. They can be classified according to different standards. Among them, the fire truck chassis capacity includes micro-fire trucks, light fire trucks, medium-sized fire trucks, and heavy-duty fire trucks. According to the appearance structure, it can be divided into single-bridge fire trucks, double-bridge fire trucks, flat-head fire trucks, and pointed fire trucks; according to fire-extinguishing agents, they can be divided into water tank fire trucks, dry powder fire trucks, and foam fire trucks.

According to the installation position of the pump on the fire truck:

1. Front pump type fire truck: the pump is installed at the front end of the fire truck. The advantage is that the maintenance pump is convenient, it is suitable for medium and light fire trucks;

2. The center pumps fire truck: pump installation in the middle position of the fire truck; at present, most of the fire trucks in China adopt this type: the advantage is that the overall layout of the whole vehicle is reasonable;

3. The rear pump type fire truck: the characteristic is that the pump repair is more convenient than the middle pump;

4. The inverted pump fire truck, the pump is located on the side of the frame, and the airport rescue fire truck with the rear engine is known in this type. This arrangement can reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle and bring convenience to the maintenance pump.

Popular types of fire trucks include water tank fire truck and foam fire trucks. Water tank fire truck equipped with water storage tank, fire pumps, fire fighting water cannon, and other fire equipment to put out the fire. It also can absorb water directly and supply water to another fire vehicle, equipment or water supply shortage region. It is suitable for general fire put out.

Water and foam fire truck water tank equipped with a fire pump and foam mixed system, bubble gun, cannon, and etc., can spray water and foam mixture to put out the fire during extinguish. It is Firefighting suitable in the petrochemical industry, power plants, and valuable equipment instruments, it is the necessary fire truck for petrochemical enterprises, oil terminals, airport, and city fire extinguish field.
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