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Milk Tank Trailers

What is Milk tank trailer

Milk Tank Trailer is a large vehicle to transport fresh milk for long-distance delivery. Because of its specific nature, fresh milk is easy to precipitate and easy to deteriorate, so the transporter needs a tank container, which is sterile and can inhibit bacteria. And also the fresh milk does not react with the outside world. In addition, fresh milk contains a large number of fine bacteria, and the lower temperature for limiting the activation of fine bacteria in fresh milk is 0 ° C -1 °C, and the maximum temperature for completely limiting the growth of fine bacteria is 70 °C. Therefore, fresh milk should be cooled to below 10 °C in time after collection to inhibit the growth of fine bacteria. However, the temperature of long-distance transportation will inevitably change, and once the temperature changes, the bacteria in the milk may breed or deteriorate the milk, which requires the transportation tool not only to keep warm (to keep the temperature low), but also to cool down. The top of the milk tank top is provided with a venting valve, which automatically adjusts to reduce the evaporation loss of the liquid and prevent the liquid body from deforming when positive and negative pressure is generated in the tank.

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