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LPG Storage Tanks

What is LPG storage tank

LPG storage tanks are specialized products for the storage of liquefied petroleum gas, belonging to special equipment. The material includes Q345R & Q370R, and AS-ME standard material SA516M & SA517M. The shape is cylindrical with 2 end plates. Usually, the Shell is always thicker than the end plate according to the volume of the tank. Liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable and explosive medium, so the storage tank of this medium should be strictly required during installation and use. Operators must comply with operating specifications. The production flow includes computer controlled cutting, computer controlled rolling, submerged arc welding, assembly, nondestructive testing, heat treatment, hydraulic test pressure, blasting, and paint. Perfect raw material with certificates. We also have refrigerated lpg storage tanks.

LPG storage tanks series

LPG storage tanks details

Automatic submerged arc welding technology ensures perfect welding.100% The nondestructive inspection ensures perfect quality. The whole annealing ensures perfect quality. Whole strengthening nozzle, The safety of the tank is better. Double safety valve nozzles, Ensure the storage tank's safety. The nozzle of the pressure gauge and the thermometer is flange type, make the replacement more convenient and the nozzle more safety, perfect accessories. The support is saddle type, convenient installation and uniformity force exertion when loading LPG, so be able to increase the tanks'life.3 layer anti-rust painting, beautiful appearance, and corrosion resistance. Perfect packaging ensures protection during transportation without damage.
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