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Fecal Suction Trucks

What is fecal suction truck

The fecal suction truck which is mainly used for cleaning special vehicles in septic tanks and sewers. It mainly consists of a chassis, a tank body, and a suction device. The composition of the suction truck is oil water separator, water gas separator, special vacuum suction pump, volume pressure gauge, pipe network system, suction pipe, gravity valve, vacuum tank, a connector (visible window), fully automatic Overflow valve.

It is mainly used for the urban and rural sanitation departments to pump and transport manure and other sewage. It is suitable for pumping manure, sewage, sludge, and liquid mixed with small suspended debris. It is suitable for municipal sanitation, large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, community, school, septic tank cleaning and transportation, urban pipeline cleaning and dredging, factory marsh Liquid marsh cleaning, etc.

Fecal suction trucks series

Fecal suction trucks by functions

Function of suction truck: vacuum suction truck configuration: special part consists of power take-off, drive shaft, vacuum suction pump, water gas separator, oil separator, multi-way valve, boom, manure tank, dung Valve, suction gun, clean water tank, visual fecal window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system and so on.

The suction truck is used to pump manure, sewage, sludge, and liquid mixed with small suspended debris. It has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self-priming, self-discharging, and direct irrigation. It is widely used in large and medium-sized vehicles. Small town sanitation, municipal, agricultural, chemical, factory and mining enterprises, residential areas, vacuum suction pump can be self-priming.

The most important work principle is the source of power and stability considerations. The power of the vacuum pump comes from the chassis engine. The engine a to the vacuum pump through the gearbox, power take-off, and drive shaft. During the suction operation, the vacuum pump draws out the air in the sealed tank to form a negative pressure and uses the atmospheric pressure outside the tank to press the dirt into the tank through the suction pipe. When the sewage the vacuum pump puts the atmospheric pressure outside the tank into the tank, and uses the air pressure to The fecal the dirt out of the tank (the vacuum pump continuous working time generally does not exceed 30 minutes).
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