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Sweeper Trucks

What is sweeper truck

As one of the sanitation equipment, the sweeper truck is a new type of efficient sweeping equipment with four brushes that integrates road sweeping, garbage collection and transportation. It can be widely used in roads, city and street, urban residential areas, parks and other road sweeping.

Sweeper trucks series

Sweeper trucks details

The sweeper bristles use a central four sweeper. The arrangement of the rear suction port makes the structure of the vehicle simple and clean, and the cleaning effect is good. The garbage bin and the water tank are all made of stainless steel; the garbage bin and the water tank are the whole structure water tank in the garbage.

The bottom layer of the box makes the pre-tilt angle of the garbage tank floor up to 12°, which is convenient for dumping the garbage. The top of the trash can is set. The diversion trough and the large-area filter net can fully improve the dust-reducing effect, make the garbage accumulate evenly, and increase effective tolerance to reduce air resistance due to levitating clogging of filters.

The sweeper truck is not only used to collect the garbage but also can remove and purify the air medium on the road, from which ensures the cleanness of the road, maintains the sanitation of the environment and the good working condition of the road surface, then reduces and prevents traffic accidents. The occurrence and further extension of the service life of the road. It has become a trend to use sweeper truck to protect our environment.

The sweeping and dusting system of the sweeper truck is equivalent to 6-40 times of labor; Reduce the degree of dust pollution to the environment (saving time and financial resources, reducing manual cleaning of product appearance, cleaning, and maintenance of mechanical equipment, and periodic environmental sanitation work, etc.) Improve work efficiency and improve the enthusiasm of the operator; A good and clean environment not only enhances the tightness of the city but also contributes to the construction of urban culture and the enthusiasm of the citizens.
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