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Tractor Head

What is tractor head

Tractor Head is a general large truck or semi-trailer that is towed by a tool between the front and the car. That is, the front of the car can be pulled out of the original car and pulled out of other cars, and the car can be pulled away from the original head by other fronts. The front of the car with the driving ability is called the tractor, and the car without the traction drive capability is called the trailer. The trailer is towed by the tractor. There are two ways to connect the tractor and the trailer: the first is that the front half of the trailer is placed on the traction saddle above the rear section of the tractor, and the bridge behind the tractor is subjected to a part of the weight of the trailer, which is half-hook; The front end of the trailer is connected to the rear end of the tractor. The tractor only provides the forward pulling force and drags the trailer to go, but does not bear the downward weight of the trailer. This is the full suspension.

Tractor head series

Tractor head application

It is often used for the transportation of large quantities of goods in the workshop or between workshops, such as the transportation of automobile manufacturing warehouses to assembly lines and baggage transportation at airports.

Tractor head by support

According to whether its support can move, it is divided into fixed type, mobile type, and lift type. The lift-type traction seat is mainly used on the tractor of the port terminal, and the traction seat can be moved up and down in a certain range to adapt to the semi-trailer of different heights.

Tractor head by degree of freedom

According to the degree of freedom, there are single degrees of freedom and two degrees of freedom. The single degree of freedom traction seat is also called the single shaft type traction seat. It can only be used for a vertical tilt of about 80. This type of traction seat has high driving stability and is suitable for high speed, light load and high center of gravity semi-trailers running on better roads. The disadvantage is that the frame is subjected to a large torque because it cannot swing laterally. The double-degree of freedom traction seat is also called the double-shaft traction seat. It can be used for horizontal and vertical swings to protect the frame of heavy-duty transport tractors in different road environments.
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