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Dolly Trailers

What is dolly trailer

The load of dolly trailer is entirely borne by itself, and the locomotive is only connected by hooks. The locomotive does not need to bear the trailer load, but only provides power to help the trailer overcome the road frictional resistance. The trailers are mainly used for transportation in terminals, factories, ports, and other areas.

Fully-mounted flatbed Dolly trailers are also called "full trailers, flatbeds, flatbed trailers, trailers". Generally, inflatable solid tires are used, which have low board height and large loading capacity. There is no danger of broken tires or punctures. Safe, simple and durable. He has no power on his own and needs a tractor or forklift to carry the towing. A vehicle consisting of one or more flatbed trucks and a forklift or tractor is usually used for the plane transport of goods or the handling of large equipment. Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories, and large warehouses. Greatly improve the efficiency of cargo transfer translation. Reduce the cost of forklifts and labor.

Dolly trailers series

Dolly trailers details

There are many types of full dolly trailers, and the basic frame, body and walking system are basically the same as trucks. The slatted carriage is generally made of thin steel plate, and the longitudinal ribs are punched out on the compartment panel, and the ribs are welded laterally to increase the rigidity of the compartment and reduce the quality of the compartment; the floor of the compartment is generally covered with wood and covered with thin steel plates. Or iron-wood mixed structure bottom plate; the frame is usually made of 16Mn steel plate, and the pressed molding material is welded or spliced. The longitudinal and transverse beams of the frame adopt slot-type interface structure, and the two longitudinal beams are arranged in equal width in front and rear so that the frame has better bending resistance.
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