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Chemical Liquid Tank Trucks

What is chemical liquid tank truck

Chemical Liquid Tank Truck is mainly designed for transport corrosive and dangerous liquid like Acids, Alkalis, and Salts. It is widely used by transporting companies and chemical industry enterprises. Chemical liquid tankers can be in stainless steel tank and carbon steel tank with inner plastic insulation. The chemical liquid tank is welding in the best welding, Submerge Arc Welding. The inside of the tank body is fully and evenly applied polyethylene tank. There is no joints, no leakage, no toxicity, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, which is safe and efficient corrosion-resistant transport equipment. Chemical Liquid Tank Trailer is a semi-trailer work together with tractor truck, which design for long distance delivery. This vehicles mainly consisted of laden chassis, tank tops, discharging system, and protection device. These hold advantages of reasonable structure, reliable performance, artistic contour, easy operation and so on.

Chemical liquid tank trucks series

Chemical liquid tank trucks details

The types of chemical liquid transport vehicles according to the medium to be transported include hydrochloric acid transport vehicles, sulfuric acid transport vehicles, hydrofluoric acid transport vehicles, formic acid transport vehicles, acetic acid (glacial acetic acid) transport vehicles, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) transport vehicles, phosphoric acid.

Transport vehicle, ammonia transport vehicle, sodium hydroxide solution transport vehicle, potassium hydroxide transport vehicle, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) transport vehicle, formaldehyde transport vehicle, ethanol transport vehicle, toluene transport vehicle, xylene transport vehicle, isopropanol transport vehicle, dimethylamine is easy to transport vehicles, naphtha (solvent oil) transport vehicles. According to the different materials, the materials used are different. According to different materials, chemical vehicles are divided into carbon steel cars, stainless steel cars, all-steel-lined plastic cars, all-plastic cars, aluminum and aluminum alloy cars, etc.

1. The material can be selected: carbon steel lining rotomolded or stainless steel sheet.

2. tank shape: oval, square round, round.

3. Chemical pump: Select high-quality chemical liquid special pump from well-known domestic enterprises.

4. Function: It can be divided into different chemical products and liquid foods.

5. the internal setting of multi-channel plastic anti-wave separator. Through the high-pressure airtightness test, the tank body has high strength, stable center of gravity, and safe and stable vehicle transportation.
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