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Dump Garbage Trucks

What is dump garbage truck

Dump garbage truck is a kind of vehicle equipped with a set of hydraulic system, which can tilt the car to a certain angle and dump the garbage by itself. It is equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism, which can tilt the trunk to a certain angle, and is used to realize the special dump truck which can unload garbage by self-weight. It is applicable to many residential areas, such as environmental sanitation, municipal works, factories and mining enterprises, property areas, and garbage. Classified as self-dumping garbage trucks according to the type of car can be divided into sealed garbage trucks and open garbage trucks.

Dump garbage trucks series

Dump garbage trucks details

The sealed garbage truck is a new type of environmental sanitation vehicle which collects and transports garbage and avoids secondary pollution. Its main characteristics are simple and efficient garbage collection, good environmental protection and high vehicle utilization efficiency. It is widely used in sanitation, municipal, factories and mining enterprises, property districts, residential areas and cities where garbage is abundant and concentrated. The garbage disposal in the city streets has the function of self-discharging and sealing, which is convenient for dumping and garbage disposal by the hydraulic operation.

Working Diagram: Same way as the dump truck, that is, the box can be dumped by itself, just like the tipper and dump truck. When loading garbage, people need to use tools to get up the garbage. To unload garbage is to lift the hydraulic pressure of the vehicle and then dump the garbage directly from the back of the box.

Dump garbage trucks advantages

1. Good sealing performance;
2. Good safety performance;
3. Easy to use. The top cover system can normally be opened and retracted in a relatively short time, and the loading and unloading process will not be affected;
4. Small size and lightweight;
5. Good reliability.
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