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Concrete Mixer Trucks

What is concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction; it is often referred to as a snail car because of its shape. A cylindrical mixer drum is mounted on this type of truck to carry the mixed concrete. The mixing drum is always rotated during transportation to ensure that the concrete being conveyed does not solidify. After the concrete is transported, the inside of the mixing drum is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying space and making the volume of the mixing drum less and less.

Concrete mixer trucks series

Concrete mixer trucks structural principle

Structural principle of concrete mixer truck: Concrete mixer truck consists of special equipment for automobile chassis and concrete mixing and transportation. The chassis of concrete mixer trucks produced in China mostly adopts the second-class universal chassis provided by the whole vehicle manufacturer. Its special mechanism mainly includes power take-off, front and rear brackets of the mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, operating mechanism, cleaning system and so on.

Concrete mixer trucks woking principle

The working principle is that the power of the automobile chassis is taken out by the force taking device, and the variable pump of the hydraulic system is driven, the mechanical energy is converted into the hydraulic energy and transmitted to the quantitative motor, and the motor drives the speed reducer, and the stirring device drives the stirring device to carry out the concrete. Stir. Another type of mixer truck produced by Yantai Shenglida adopts a patent of the rotary seal, which can completely close the mixer drum and the inlet and outlet, and specifically solve the water evaporation and mortar stratification of traditional products. The series of problems such as dredging and driving safety has greatly improved the quality of concrete and building safety, and the effective volume of the mixing drum has increased to over 80%. The comprehensive performance of the whole vehicle has reached a new height. The fully enclosed mixer truck has Started to serve the Qingyan Weirong high-speed rail and high-quality construction projects.

The concrete mixer truck is used as a transportation vehicle. In terms of maintenance and repair, the maintenance and repair system of “regular inspection, mandatory maintenance, and condition-based repair” must be carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Communications No. 13 of 1990. Under this premise, combined with the actual situation of the concrete mixer truck, maintenance and repair should be.
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