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ISO Tank Container

The ISO Tank Container is a stainless steel pressure vessel that is mounted in a tight outer frame. Most of the tank body is made of 316 stainless steel. Most tanks have steam or electric heating, inert gas protection, pressure relief and other optional equipment for fluid handling and handling.

A container for shipping liquid cargo such as sprinkles, oils, liquid foods, chemicals, etc. Mainly composed of liquid tank and frame. The tank is elliptical or approximately spherical and has a two-layer structure. The inner wall is made of stainless steel; or it is made of other rigid materials, but a layer of epoxy resin is applied to prevent corrosion of liquid cargo.

The outer wall is made of insulating material. Generally, the top of the tank has a round loading port, and the bottom of the tank has a discharge valve. There are several types of high-pressure liquid tanks, low-pressure liquid tanks, thermal liquid tanks, and liquid tanks with heating devices. The frame is made of high-strength steel and the tank is placed in the middle of the frame. The handling, loading, unloading and storage of tank containers require special places and special fire safety equipment.

There is a corner bearing frame around the tank for protection and lifting. The outer frame size of the tank is exactly the same as the size of the international standard 20 container (length 20 feet, width: 8 feet, height: 8 feet 6 inches). Can be used for road, rail and water transportation. It can load fluid cargo from 14300 to 31,000 liters (or even larger).

Tank transport is internationally recognized as the safest chemical and food transportation method. In the process of distributing chemicals and foods to various places, compared with other methods, this is a kind of transportation vehicle that has no run, run, leak and avoid the pollution of the goods themselves.It is of less cost, convenience, safety, nice structure etc advantages.
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