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Aerial Platform Trucks

What is aerial platform truck

Aerial platform truck is also known as high altitude platform truck, Aerial Work Platform, and etc. Aerial platform truck are specialized vehicles that transport workers and use equipment to the site and perform aerial operations. The truck can be overhanging, spanning certain obstacles or lifting at a place for multi-point operation; the platform has a large load capacity and can be used for two or more people to work at the same time and can carry certain equipment; The transfer site is convenient; the appearance is beautiful, suitable for indoor and outdoor work and storage. It is suitable for a wide range of high-altitude operations such as stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories, and mines.

Aerial platform trucks series

Aerial platform trucks details

There are control devices in the working bucket and on the rotary seat, which can control the start/stop of the engine from a long distance, high speed/low speed, control the movement of the arm with the electro-hydraulic proportional valve, and the stability is good. The working arm can be 360° left and right continuously. Rotating, the link mechanism automatically maintains the level of the working slot. When the main pump fails, the emergency pump can be operated to lower the working slot, and it can be illuminated at night with heavy lighting. The legs of the car are separately separated and adjustable, and the vehicle can be leveled on the uneven road. The whole vehicle is easy to move and can be used for narrow lots and small streets. Products are widely used in electric power, street lighting, municipal, garden, communications, airports, repair (repair) ships, transportation, advertising, photography and other high-altitude operations.

In the form of its lifting mechanism, aerial work vehicles can be generally divided into telescopic arm type (straight arm type), folding arm type (curved arm type), vertical lifting type and other basic forms. The height of the folding arm type refers to the height of the person from the ground to the bottom of the work bucket plus the average height of the person is 1.7 meters. The working height of the straight-arm platform truck is 14.18.20 meters. The full-retractable working arm has a large span and good stability. It can be operated weekly or separately. It is safe and reliable, has a fast lifting speed and high working efficiency. Its characteristics are short size, easy driving, and flexible steering. The folding lifting platform consists of power take-off, hydraulic motor, vertical lifting platform, hydraulic system modification, and an electronic control system. It can be designed to work height to 6-12 meters according to user requirements. Working platform load 300-500KG.
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