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Vehicle Transport Semi Trailers

What is vehicle transport semi-trailer

Vehicle Transport Semi-trailer designed with a fence structure for vehicle-transported semi-trailer cargo parts. It mainly carries passenger cars, and can also carry passenger cars such as vans, commercial vehicles, and jeep.

Vehicle Transport Semi Trailer body structure of the car can be divided into three types: the skeleton type, the semi-enclosed type, and the fully enclosed type. According to the rear axle structure of the car, we can divide the car into two-axis singles. Tire type, double shaft twin tire type, etc.

Skeleton type, that is, the side piece is composed of a column, no side mask, no front piece, back door, and top piece. This type of car has its own lightweight, low cost and low fuel consumption, but it is inconvenient to transport goods and the car is vulnerable.

Vehicle transport semi-trailers series

Vehicle transport semi-trailers details

The fully enclosed sedan, that is, the side panels and the front panels are all closed with a mask, with a rear door, and the top panel is a poncho-type cloth. This model car is self-contained, high in cost and fuel consumption, but it can protect cars and transport other goods; Semi-enclosed car, that is, no top piece, its characteristics are between the two.

1. The body is a rod and cabinet structure. The structure is light and light. Most of them are upper and lower loading platforms. The platform adopts hydraulic cylinder opening, wire rope pulley structure, stable lifting, high positioning and so on.

2. The structure is light: the whole vehicle adopts the truss structure, the frame is fully loaded, and the longitudinal beam structure of the semi-trailer has no light weight, which is about 30% lighter than the similar vehicle.

3. Safe and convenient operation: all loading and unloading platform lifting control operation is reliable, can be clearly observed, accurate operation.

4. Suspension system: It adopts the unique leaf spring under-mount suspension system, variable-section leaf spring, and has good ride comfort.
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