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LED Advertising Trailer

What is led advertising trailer

Led advertising trailer is also called mobile led billboard trailer, LED Screen trailer, LED video trailer. We have quality led advertising trailer for sale with competitive price. LED advertising vehicles are the companion products after the rise of the LED industry. It is a new type of communication medium that combines automobile and large-scale LED display, three-dimensional video animation form, rich and diverse content, real-time display of graphics information, and mobile advertising. The structure of an LED advertising trailer generally consists of five parts, including large screen systems, power supply systems, hydraulic systems (some parts are not), operating systems, car chassis. The power supply is generally 380V industrial or powered by its own generator. The effect is to ensure publicity and is more acceptable to consumers. LED advertising Trailer is an advertising media device that is very popular among outdoor people. It is also in line with the 21st-century energy-saving and environmental protection features. LED advertising vehicles are outdoor new advertising media devices. It has the characteristics of wide outdoor range, and also has the advantage of multimedia advertising of led media, so it has a broad market space. The LED display background and curtain used in traditional activities take time to build and disassemble. The advertising vehicle saves the construction, no need to assemble and other processes, reflecting the convenience and convenience of modern media. We also offer mobile led screen trailer for sale.

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