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LED Advertising Trucks

What is led advertising truck

An advertising vehicle is a vehicle that is specifically used for advertising. It is a new type of communication medium that combines automobile and large-scale LED display, three-dimensional video animation form, rich and diverse content, real-time display of graphics information, and mobile advertising. It is also named led billboard truck, LED Screen Truck, outdoor advertising truck, mobile video truck. The advertising vehicle consists of four parts: chassis (traction system), large-screen system, power supply system and operating system. It is widely used in publicity, product promotion, brand promotion, live demonstration, sports events, concerts, concerts of enterprises and institutions and draft events, etc. It can also be displayed, exchanged and interacted with the audience or consumers in the prosperous business district, plaza, residential area, square park, and other areas. The wide range of publicity can enable customers to obtain the maximum advertising effect.

It is not restricted by geographical location and can be widely publicized in any target market area required by customers such as streets, alleys, communities, and business districts according to customer needs. With the characteristics of strong liquidity and wide audience, we can shuttle back and forth to the fixed line all day according to the customer's needs, or choose the propaganda line by ourselves to get rid of the constraints of the geographical environment. The advertising car is promoted for 8 hours every day, and the distance within the area can reach 50 kilometers. The advertising audience can reach more than 200,000 times. Each truck has a six-sided advertising screen of nearly 4 square meters, and the advertising line of sight is more than 350m.

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