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Bulk Fodder Transport Trucks

What is bulk fodder transport truck

Bulk Fodder Transport Truck, also known as bulk feed trucks, bulk grain transport vehicles. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance, large conveying capacity, convenient control, strong maneuverability and no pollution to materials. It is widely used in the transportation of feed for large and medium-sized aquaculture enterprises. It is mainly used to transport bulk raw materials or feeds to produce raw materials from feed mills to livestock farms, poultry farms and feed processing users. It can also be used to transport certain non-corrosive powdered granular materials, such as pharmaceutical mills and grain storage.

Bulk fodder transport trucks series

Bulk fodder transport trucks details

The Bulk Fodder tank of the bulk feed truck is mounted on the chassis of the truck. The special facilities consist of the tank assembly, the conveying system (horizontal discharge system, vertical discharge system, and movable discharge system), and the bulk feed tank hydraulic system (high-pressure oil pump). The three output ends of the valve connected by the pipeline and the distribution valve are a corner hydraulic motor, a lifting cylinder, and a horizontal discharge, a vertical discharge, a movable discharge hydraulic motor connected in series, a bulk feed tank electric system, and a pneumatic division. The warehouse organization and other components.

Bulk Fodder Transport Truck is available in full-vehicle and stand-alone tanks (which can be transported by trucks). According to the driving form, there are electric unloading bulk feed car, full hydraulic unloading bulk feed car, and air unloading bulk feed car.

Bulk fodder transport truck features

1. Bulk transport of transport not only saves labor but also costs less than packaging in bags.

2. Bulk feed is sealed and transported in the tank to reduce losses, ensure quality and avoid pollution.

3. Fully automatic loading and unloading, continuous operation, greatly improving production efficiency.

4. The tank can be installed with separate bins, which can transport a variety of different types of feed or bulking media at the same time.

5. Standardized parts, easy to maintain.
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