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What Are The Advantages For Fire Sprinkler Compared With Normal Water Truck

Fire sprinkler truck, we call it fire sprinkler vehicle, widely used in forest, schools, airports, communities, streets and rural fire sprinkler, fire sprinkler, in fact, is a collection of fire engine and normal water truck as one of the multi-function vehicle, it inherits the normal water truck fully functional, and makes up for the normal water truck with small range and pressure, etc. 

In addition to equipped with fire pump and equipment, fire sprinkler truck also has a larger capacity of water storage tank and water gun, water cannon and so on.

It can absorb water directly from the water source, and can supply water to other fire trucks or fire extinguishing devices, and can transport water and firefighters to the fire site for independent disaster relief. 

Ordinary sprinkler consists of chassis, tank and pump, mainly suitable for landscaping, municipal sanitation and other work.

Fire sprinkler truck

The difference between fire sprinkler and fire fighting truck is concentrated in the following aspects:

1. The appearance of the fire sprinkler truck

Fire sprinkler truck is usually circular tank, tail set pump room, equipment box body, and same as fire fighting trucks that can be licensed, and exempt from vehicle purchase tax.

Fire fighting truck is usually square tank, steel frame, according to the function of the distribution of multiple clear storage compartments, aluminum alloy rolling door.

2. Fire sprinkler configuration

Fire sprinkler fire equipment for optional (water hose and special spanner for standard configuration).

Fire fighting trucks are equipped with fire fighting equipment (fire hoses, fire axes and other equipment) in accordance with national standards.

3. Fire sprinkler function

Fire sprinkler standard with atmospheric fire pump, compared with the same chassis fire truck, the tank is larger, the fire gun range is the same, at the same time with all sprinkler functions (equipped with a forward, after sprinkler function).

Fire fighting truck according to the size of the vehicle, equipped with fire pump (optional atmospheric pump or low pressure pump), according to the nature of fire can be divided into: tank fire truck, foam fire truck, dry powder fire truck, dry powder foam fire truck, only fire fighting, water supply.

The difference between fire sprinkler truck and fire fighting truck

4. Fire sprinkler truck use

Fire sprinkler truck can fire extinguish , green sprinkle, mine dust, emergency water supply, spray insecticides, to achieve multiple functions on one vehicle.

Fire trucks can only be used for fire fighting, emergency water supply.

5. The price of fire sprinkler truck

Fire fighting truck is the standard fire truck, and the same tonnage of fire sprinkler truck comparison, the price is nearly doubled compared to fire sprinler truck.

6. Fire sprinkler truck scope of application

Fire sprinkler multi-purpose models, mainly equipped with: enterprise fire, township fire, community fire, large markets, docks, highways, forest fire, etc..

Fire fighting truck is special fire truck, mainly equipped with fire troops, large enterprises full-time fire brigade.

The above is the difference between fire sprinkler truck, fire fighting truck and normal water truck. Clients can choose the right models according to their actual use and budget, and spend the least money to buy the most suitable models for their own.

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What Are The Advantages For Fire Sprinkler Compared With Normal Water Truck
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