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Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

What is heavy duty tow truck

Heavy duty tow truck also called heavy accident rescue vehicle. Heavy-duty two truck is a type of wrecker, also known as large-scale wreckers and heavy-duty road wreckers. They are mainly used for rescue, clearing, lifting and hoisting of highways and other road accidents or major vehicles. Rescue work such as towing, to ensure the smooth flow of roads and towing the faulty vehicles from the scene. At present, China has 30-ton, 40-ton, 50-ton, 55-ton medium- and heavy-duty wreckers. The heavy-duty two truck consists of a heavy-duty vehicle chassis, a 360-degree rotary hoist system, a rear lift traction system, a hydraulic component system, a winch, an electric control system, a wrecker body, and a vehicle-mounted tool. Lifting function: The lifting function is the proper function of the heavy-duty wrecker. It is to use the telescopic, lifting, loading and folding actions of the arm to lift the damaged vehicle from the front or the rear, and then the whole vehicle. Drag off the scene.

Heavy duty tow trucks series

Heavy duty tow trucks functions

The bracket of the wrecker has a variety of structural forms and generally can lift the axle, wheel, leaf spring, frame, etc. of the accident vehicle, and is convenient to assemble and disassemble.

1. It has the functions of lifting: The hanging type is a necessary equipment for heavy-duty wreckers. It is usually equipped with a variable-width boom to lift the damaged vehicle from one end (or one side) or the whole vehicle. Easy to lift. The heavy-duty wrecker can also use the telescopic and variable amplitude of the boom to pull or hang the accident vehicle from the roadbed and the vicinity of the roadbed to the road.

2. Drag and drop function: The heavy-duty vehicle is equipped with 2 winches, and the main boom and fixed anchor feet (fixed pulleys) are used to complete the various types of tilting vehicles and to pull the vehicles in the deep trench.3. Traction function: The heavy-duty wrecker can pull the damaged vehicle that is lifted at one end. In addition, it is also possible to tow the accident vehicle with a tow bar for a vehicle whose axle is not damaged.4. Warning and lighting functions: The heavy-duty wrecker is equipped with a large warning light alarm to make it clear when it is clearing the obstacles. The wrecker also has a rescue auxiliary lighting function for nighttime operation.
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