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Mobile Gas Station

What is mobile gas station

Mobile Gas Station also called LPG Skid Station, is mini compact LPG Filling Station, with all required function of truck discharging, cylinder filling. These kinds of the station can be a different size from 10CBM to 100CBM or even to 200CBM, which 5Ton to 50ton or 100ton. The major LPG skid station volume is usually from 5CBM to 30CBM (2.5Ton to 15Tons).

LPG skid station is our new product which can be used to fill LPG gas into LPG cylinders(for cooking) or trucks(for fuel), our LPG skid station is equipped with high-quality LPG tank to protect itself from the environment. Our LPG skid station is in easy to use, As long as you get it, you can use it directly, without the need to install. And it's very convenient to transport, you can put it to any place you want to sell LPG. The LPG skid mounted station is configured with 1 unit LPG storage tank, 1 unit LPG pumps, 2sets LPG filling scales, pipelines, valves, meters, and electronic control systems. flow meter, a compressor for the option.

Mobile gas station series

Mobile gas station features

1).Rotating liquid level gauge, thermometer, pressure gauge, outlet, exhaust valve, liquid ball valve, gas ball valve.

2). Bottom structure plate, piping systems, filters, LPG pump with motor, check valve, by-pass loop line, relief valve, gas phase loop, filling pressure gauge, 10 meters hose (connection pipe and gas filling machine), 10 meters hose (connect the gas phase loop).

3). Explosion-proof power distribution box.

4).2 units LPG filling guns, with the micro printer, each with an air gun with ten meters gas hose, an air gun filling cars, an air gun filling the liquefied gas cylinder.

5). The gas filling machine needs to be flexible and fixed on the base, to remove the mobile location based on the requirements.

6). Combustible gas alarm control system, gas emergency shut-off valve (solenoid valve), gas leakage alarm.
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