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Recovery Trucks

What is recovery truck

Recovery truck also called wrecker truck, tow truck, a breakdown truck, recovery vehicle or a breakdown lorry. They are mainly used for road fault vehicles, urban illegal vehicles, and emergency rescue. Recovery Truck means that the rescuers use professional mainframe equipment to drag the accident vehicle away from the accident site. Recovery truck is a special vehicle equipped with road rescue equipment. Faults and accidents are inevitable as the car travels on the road, especially on high-grade roads. The task of the wrecker is to drag the faulty vehicle or the accident vehicle out of the scene in time to ensure the smooth flow of the road. Therefore, recovery truck is also known as road rescue vehicles. With the increase in high-grade roads and in-use vehicles, wreckers have also developed.

Recovery trucks series

Recovery trucks details

The current technical level and production capacity of the domestic second-class chassis manufacturer. Increasingly, the load capacity of the vehicles produced is also greatly improved. At present, vehicles with a maximum load capacity of up to 60 tons or more are not allowed to be pulled out if there is an accident in these vehicles. Its working principle and main supporting devices are as follows: Start the engine before the rescue starts, then open the power take-off switch, operate the hydraulic handle, and lift the vehicle smoothly on the U-shaped fork. Two 30-ton-volume Yang machines, one hydraulic automatic telescopic straight boom, 360-degree automatic hydraulic gear turntable, U-type lift one, police light one.
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