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Skip Loader Garbage Trucks

What is skip loader garbage truck

Skip Loader Garbage Truck, skip loader vehicle (also called swing arm garbage truck, skip loader, skip loader vehicle, skip loader garbage truck, swing arm garbage truck, telescopic arm skip loader, multi skip loader truck, garbage delivery truck ) is a garbage truck with detachable body container. Which could enable one truck with several garbage containers for recycling use?

It could be equipped with a cover to prevent dropping any rubbish, mainly used in transporting kinds of garbage for municipal sanitation, large factories, and mines, etc, especially apply to transport household waste in the residential area. According to loading and unloading type, it is divided into the following categories: dump garbage trucks, hook arm garbage truck, compactor garbage truck, swing arm garbage truck, self-loading garbage truck, sealed type garbage truck.

Skip loader garbage trucks series

Skip loader garbage trucks details

In the operation process, the Skip Loader Garbage Truck can load the garbage in the underground garbage bin together with the garbage bin on the truck,  automatic loading, and unloading, reducing labor cost. This type of garbage truck is also widely used at present, can achieve a car multi-box, so the relative cost and space can ?; the use of special device functions can be used to the automotive engine as a power, using hydraulic mechanisms to control manually or electronically. Vehicle boxes are welded with recycling carbon steel plates, which are more intensive, lighter in weight and avoid secondary pollution.

Skip loader garbage trucks advantages:

1. Nice shape, rational structure;
2. Strength container body;
3. High-quality hydraulic system;
4. Strong, durable, perfect performance;
5. Prolonged service life.
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