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Stage Trucks

What is stage truck

The mobile stage car is a special type of car that is convenient for mobile performance and can be turned into a stage. The mobile stage truck is unfolded by mechanical device, built into a performance stage with a ceiling and a stage board, and equipped with special equipment such as stage lighting, sound, etc. Hanging lamps, sets, and structural devices that block wind and rain is used above the stage.  It is necessary to include two parts of the chassis part and the upper part, the top part is composed of the top plate side plate, and the side plate and the top plate are respectively controlled by four hydraulic cylinders to form the stage top of the stage, and the bottom plate is expanded into four hydraulic cylinders to be controlled into a stage. It saves time and labor. Also it is simple, safe and reliable with complete functions and beautiful appearance. Each stage truck must have 4 hydraulic legs. As one of mobile stage truck manufacturers in China, we have mobile stage truck for sale.

Stage trucks series

Stage trucks details

The whole vehicle is fully automatic operation, the operating platform is at the rear part of the car, it is concealed and locked when not in use. It is equipped with a full set of hydraulic operating system, which is quick and easy to operate. It is the most frequently used model for merchandising companies. Stage trucks can combined with a LED screen. LED mobile stage car, with the perfect combination of LED display technology, is divided into built-in LED display and external LED display, are the main scenes with LED display as the stage dynamic, enhance the performance lighting effect. There are 3 kinds of stage trucks. The single side of the carriage is fully automatic to form a stage countertop, the roof is half-turned, and an LED billboard can be installed. The other side of the compartment forms a stage backstage together with the carriage. The two sides of the truck expand together with the carriage to form the entire stage , and the roof rises. The three sides of the carriage expand together with the carriage to form the entire stage. Make full use of the side panels of the truck to expand the stage countertop.
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