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Heavy Duty Crane Trucks

What is heavy duty crane truck

Heavy duty Crane Truck is a kind of reading method for truck-mounted cranes in the world. They are called truck-mounted cranes in China. Heavy duty crane Truck is equipped with emergency operation equipment. When the car is a breakdown on the road, an accident happens, especially on the high-grade highway, wrecker's mission is to towing the trouble truck or car away from the site of the accident, to ensure the road unimpeded. mainly used in road fault vehicle, urban peccancy vehicles, and emergency rescue.

Heavy duty crane trucks series

Heavy duty crane trucks details

Heavy duty Crane Truck generally consist of a truck chassis, truck-mounted accessories, cargo compartments, power take-offs, and cranes. The truck crane is a device for lifting, turning, and lifting cargo through a hydraulic lifting and telescopic system, usually mounted on a truck. Truck crane maintenance instructions Because the truck crane is a special vehicle, the operator should receive the guidance and training of the manufacturer, have a sufficient understanding of the structure and performance of the vehicle, and obtain certain crane operation and maintenance experience from the manufacturer.

Operate the machine. The manufacturer provides the product maintenance and repair instructions for the truck crane. It is the necessary information for the operator to operate the equipment. Before operating the machine, you must first read the maintenance instructions of the truck crane and operate and maintain it according to the requirements of the manual. Crane. Operators should always check the coolant, lubricant, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, and fuel oil (water) position and quality, and pay attention to check the tightness of the vehicle. The requirements for maintenance of the truck crane during the running-in period can be summarized as reducing the load, strengthening the lubrication, strengthening the training, and paying attention to the inspection.

As long as the operator pays attention to and maintains and maintains the on-board hoisting period according to the manufacturer's requirements, it will reduce the occurrence of an early failure of the truck crane, prolong the service life, improve the operation efficiency, and let the truck crane bring you the greatest benefit. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the lubrication of the lubrication points of the truck crane. It is recommended that during the running-in period, the special requirements for grease filling the lubrication points should. Therefore, it is easy to cause wear of parts (especially the matching surface) during the running-in period of the truck, and the wear speed is fast. At this time, if the operation, it may cause damage to the components and happened an early failure of duty crane truck.
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