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Integrated Tow Trucks

What is integrated tow truck

The wrecker truck is called the road wrecker, also known as the road rescue vehicle, and a tow truck. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction. The wrecker truck is mainly used for road fault vehicles and urban illegal vehicles, rescue and so on.

The wrecker trucks are mainly divided into categories: integrated tow truck, separated tow truck, one-to-one, one-drive-two, multi-purpose wrecker, hydraulic automatic clamping type. The wrecker is divided into light, medium and heavy types. The job object of light wreckers is light-duty trucks, mini-buses, and cars. The job object of medium and heavy-duty wreckers are medium and heavy-duty trucks, large and medium-sized buses and etc. The job object of heavy-duty wreckers is heavy-duty trucks, cars, and super heavy-duty, semi-trailer series. The wrecker is equipped with a lifting, towing, lifting and other devices on the basis of the special chassis to carry out the work of clearing the obstacles and carrying the vehicles. The material cutting of the metal structure parts of the wrecker adopts a profile cutting, a numerical control wire cutting machine and a shearing machine.

Integrated tow trucks series

Integrated tow trucks details

According to the structural characteristics of the working device, the wrecker can be divided into an integrated tow truck, separated tow truck, the platform wrecker, and the platform lifting type. The flatbed wrecker truck is carried by towing or lifting the vehicle to the flat plate for back-load transportation; the platform lifting type is carried by the lifting platform or the aerial work. integrated and separated tow truck, that is, the boom and the supporting arm can work independently and do not affect each other; the supporting type is the one that is connected with the supporting arm; the characteristic is that it can both drag and hang, and the speed of lifting the vehicle is fast. It is completely lowered to the ground, and the bumper of the faulty car will not be injured. There is no danger of causing secondary damage to the faulty car.
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