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Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks

Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks
  • Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks
  • Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks
  • Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks
  • Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks
  • Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks
  • Dongfeng 12 Meters Aerial Platform Trucks
The boom-type aerial working platform is a lifting device for high-altitude operations. It can perform aerial work across obstacles. When the platform is raised and lowered to any position, it can be operated while walking. The structure is compact and the steering is flexible. The width of the ground can ensure the equipment to enter. Narrow passages and crowded work areas. Back up power unit, operable platform reset, convenient transport, can be towed anywhere. Easy-to-identify operator panel, multiple mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety protection, advanced integrated hydraulic integrated system.

It can carry out stretching work, cross certain obstacles or carry out many points in one place. The platform has large load capacity and can be operated by two or more people at the same time and equipped with certain equipment. The lifting platform has good mobility, convenient transfer site, beautiful appearance, and suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. It can be Empty work applied to stations, wharfs, shopping malls, sports venues, residential property, factories and mines, etc. The legs of the car are separated and adjusted individually, and the entire vehicle can be leveled on uneven roads. The whole vehicle is easy to move and is suitable. Work in narrow locations, alleyways. Products are widely used in electricity, street lamps, municipal, parks forest, communications, airports, construction ships, transportation, advertising, photography and other high-altitude operations.

The advantage of Dongfeng 12Meters Aerial Platform Truck

1. In the operation bucket and rotary seat are equipped with operating devices, convenient to operate.
2. Using electro-hydraulic proportional valve control arm movement, good stability
3. The whole vehicle is easy to move and has a wide range of operations
4. Three-fold folding arm hydraulic lifting device
5. Domestic and imported reversing valves and hydraulic cylinders are used for stable commutation and flexible operation
6. Hydraulic system achieves interlocking on and off the car, overload protection, high safety performance
7. Leg and working arm interlocked, safe and reliable, prevent incorrect operation
8. Work bucket leveling automatically, external lever forced balance

The specification of Dongfeng 12Meters Aerial Platform Truck


Dongfeng 12 meters aerial platform truck


Single sleeper row, Left/right hand drive with A/C




Chassis model


Drive type


Tire Spec.


Tire Numbers


Braking System

Air braking


Unaware, dry clutch, hydraulic remote control






Horse Power(hp)


Displacement(cc)/ Power(kw)



Euro III

Main Parameters

Overall dimension (L*W*H/mm)




Axles No.




Curb Weight(kg)


Leaf spring No.


Approaching/Departure Angle(°)


Front/Rear track(mm)


Front/Rear suspension(mm)


Max speed(km/h)


Front/Rear Axle Load(kg)


Modified Description

1.Equipment:Max operation height 12-18m, with tubular shape platform(rated load 200kg), 3 section folding arms, hydraulic 360°continuous rotation, 1 ton stretch hook, 4 H-shape hydraulic legs, bilateral pilot-controlled valve is adjustable(the control of the legs can be manual or individual);

2. Operating system: the lifting, rotating, landing and hook of the arm adopt with magnetic exchange valve system, electrical control operation (1set platform pilot switch and 1 set pilot switch in the cabin);

3. Control system: equipped with emergency flameout device.


This truck can safely and effectively to send staff to 18-22 meters high altitude operation or maintenance, installation, cleaning, photography, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electric power, pruning, replacement lamps and other engineering repair operations.

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