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Dongfeng 4X2 95hp Diesel Mobile Food Truck

The advantage of Dongfeng 4X2 95hp Diesel Mobile Food Truck


What are the advantages of food trucks? One truck, one store and one shop can be customized according to the needs of customers, and it is a good choice for business. Related advantages of trucking:

1. Less investment. You can open a shop, set up a booth, and start operations with tens of thousands of yuan.

2, Fast. In the morning, we will purchase raw materials and sell them on the same day.

3, The operation is simple. As long as you do the cooked food, you must do all the practical skills and the "study", "change" and "hands-on" ideas and perseverance. You don't need advanced cultural knowledge.

4, Control is easy. Small investment, freely retractable, "the boat is a good turn."

5. The market is big. With the accelerated pace of people's lives, people are demanding the number of cooked foods, and more and more people like to eat cooked food.

6, More sales. Because cooked food is a table-like repeated consumable, especially for modern people, the time is tight, the rhythm is fast, and the cooking skills are not, so the cooked dishes are popular.

7. The profit is stable. The profits of cooked foods are generally up to 30%, especially for specialty cooked foods. The profits are quite considerable, even up to several times.

8. The risk is small. Because the investment is small, fast, the market is large, the sales are large, and the profit is stable, the risk is very small.

The specification of Dongfeng 4X2 95hp Diesel Mobile Food Truck

DONGFENG Diesel Food Truck

Item No.


Overall Dimension

5995*2100*3300 mm

Drive model

4x2, new condition , LHD

Gross weight


Curb Weight


Wheel Base


Front/rear Overhang


Front/rear Tread

1830/1800 mm

Approach/Departure Angle



DONGFNEG ENGINE, CY4102, Diesel Engine, Four Stroke,4Cylinder in line.

Engine horsepower



3.856 L(Diesel)

Max Driving Speed

90 km/h

Gear Box

5 Forward Gear, 1 Backward Gear


7.00R20  6 pieces with 1 spare tire.




Referred Dimensions(mm)


Logo and colour

Customized by customer’s requirements

Exterior material

Color steel plate

Interior side plate material


Interior bottom material


Standard Configuration

Both sides turn up with bar,rear turn up, the truck is equipped with power amplifier horn and external power plug,non-skid aluminum decorative pattern bottom plate, lighting can be optional to install ceiling lamp or layout LED light strip.


1. Exhaust hood                   14. 7000 Watt generator

2. Three compartment sink          15. 40LB propane tank

3. Hand wash sink                 16.Two door prep table

4. All plumbing                     17.Vertical refrigerator

5. All electrical                     18. Stainless steel walls

6. All gas lines                     19. Isulation

7. Two burners                     20. Awning

8. Flat top(36feet)                21.Aluminum detailing on ourside

9. 40LB fryer                       22. 8*3 service window

10. Eight electrical plugs             23. Service tables on inside and outside

11.  Water heater                   24. Choice of base colour

12. Diaphragm water pump           25.42feet TV and installation

13. Grey water tank                  26. Box propane tank and generator

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