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Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks

Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks
  • Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks
  • Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks
  • Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks
  • Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks
  • Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks
  • Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Trucks
Milk transporter is also called fresh milk transporter, milk tanker and liquid food transporter. The tank body is made of high quality aluminum alloy or 304 food grade stainless steel plate. The outside of the tank needs to be used as insulation layer to prevent the deterioration of fresh milk, the inside of the tank and the tank body. Fine grinding, the tank body gall to require smooth, no acute angle, generally need to add cleaning device in each milk tank. It can transport a variety of chemical raw materials, milk products, oil products and liquid food transportation. According to the needs of the tank can be set to multiple positions, can be loaded at any time a variety of media, optional refrigerator, polyurethane foam insulation, rock wool insulation, exhaust gas circulation heating, installation of stainless steel pump.

The 3 CBM milk tank truck uses Foton chassis. Foton is a famous brand with a long history. The engineer is 78 Hp with euro 3 emission standard. There are single line cab and 5150 KG loading weight. The tank is made up of 3 parts. 1) Outside layer for physical protection. 2) Middle layer for thermal insulation. 3) Inner layer tank for milk filling. There are important for a milk tank to transport. The inner tank material is high quality food grade stainless steel 304-2B which has been polished. Also, you can choose another suitable material according to your needs. And the thickness of thermal insulation layer is 80 mm polyurethane foam which protects the fresh of milk. The medium temperature change is less 1 °C during 24-48 hours. What's more, the color of the milk truck is blue. We can also provide other color for you.

The advantage of Foton 3 CBM Tank Truck

1. Good quality with food- grade 304 stainless steel. 
2. Strong storage capacity. The tank can be made into 2-3 compartments.
3. Totally clean. The milk tank is provided with a washer inside a (CIP) clearing device which prevents milk from pollution.
4. Safety. The middle of the tank has a thermal insulation effect to prevent the fresh milk from deteriorating. 
5. Good appearance with scientific tank shape.
6. Lower price with reliable manufacture

The specific parameter of Foton 3 CBM Milk Tank Truck

Parameters for Foton 3 CBM Milk Tanker Truck


Drive Model

4X2,right had drive


D1695 single line

Vehicle Main Dimensions

Dimensions(L x W x H)(mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Overhang (front/rear) (mm)


Wheel track (front/rear) (mm)

1820 /1800

Approach/Departure angle(°)

23 /20

Weight in KGS

Curb Weight (kg)


Loading weight (kg)


Max. driving speed(km/h)




Xichai diesel4DW92-73


4-stroke direct injection , 4-cylinder in-line , turbo-charging

Horse Power(HP)


Displacement (ml)


Emission standard

Euro II


5 forwards & 1 reverse


6.50-16tire , 6 + 1(spare tire)



304-2B Stainless steel

Loading Capacity (m³)


Size of the tank (mm)



Inner layer :3mm 304-2B stainless steel

Middle layer(thermal insulation): 80mm polyurethane foam insulation

Outside layer: 2 mm 304B stainless steel



1.The tank is made up of three layers:outside layer(for physical protection),middle layer(thermal insulation),inner layer tank(for milk filling).

2.The thickness of thermal insulation layer is 80 mm Polyurethane foam, the function of thermal insulation: medium temperature change≤ 1 °C during 24-48 hours.

3.The inner tank material is high quality food grade stainless steel 304-2B, and it has been polished.

4.Equipped withCIP self-cleaning devices.

5.The tank divided into several compartments to make sure the inside can be clear thoroughly, also can contain different medium.

6. Stainless steel valves, pipes.

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