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40Feet ISO Container

40Feet ISO Container
  • 40Feet ISO Container
  • 40Feet ISO Container
  • 40Feet ISO Container
  • 40Feet ISO Container
  • 40Feet ISO Container

ISO tank is a stainless steel container with the outer frame of 20/40 feet international standard container. It can meet the needs of domestic and foreign producers, users and logistics operators involved in transportation and storage of fluid materials such as chemical, food and medicine. In addition, the container is an international multimodal transport vehicle, suitable for road, rail, and water transport. Compared with the traditional barrel-packed goods, it truly realizes the direct connection from the packing place to the unloading place without intermediate links, and no leakage of the goods, so that the pollution and logistics consumption and leakage of the goods are reduced to the minimum. Adopt tank as the mode of transportation, which can load the maximum quantity of goods under the premise of conforming to international standards and weight limitation, and is the most economical mode of transportation. Compared with other methods, the cost can be reduced as low as 60%.

Specification of 40Feet ISO Container
Volume of Tank(L) 40,000L
Filling Weight(kg) 16,800 kg
Tank Weight(kg) 13,680 kg
Tank Dimensions  (mm) (length x thicknessx height) 11750*14*2250
Filling Medium LPG
Material of Outside Tank Q345R
Design Pressure 1.8MPa
Designing temperature -40~40°C
Medium Density 500 kg/ cbm
Produce standard: regulated by GB18564
Main parts of iso container
Item Specification/ mm Quantity
Breath valve DN50 2
Outlet DN80 1
Drain tube DN50 2
Manhole DN500 2
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