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Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck

Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck
  • Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck
  • Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck
  • Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck
  • Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck
  • Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm Water Tank Truck

Rust steel water truck, also known as: heat preservation hot water delivery truck, hot water delivery truck, heat preservation water truck, mainly used to supply hot spring to the hot spring center, used to deliver hot water to heating stations, or to baths, heating stations, hotels, restaurants, bathhouses, schools and other hot water delivery tank water truck .So also called: bathhouse water truck, bathhouse water truck, bath hall pull water truck, hot water distribution car. It is on the basis of sprinkling tank car, can remove all kinds of spraying systems and only keep water pump, water tank and the corresponding pipeline produced by the special hot water transport car. Sprinklers can also be retained for landscaping irrigation in summer and hot water delivery to thermal power plants in winter.

Heat preservation hot water transport vehicle compared to the general sprinkler on the structure of a insulation layer, insulation layer in the production of the main tank in the first welding a supporting framework, its thickness is generally 100mm, and then fill the framework with insulation materials. In the selection of insulation materials we generally consider small thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, light quality, sound absorption performance, insulation and chemical stability of good hard polyurethane foam or rock wool. Then, it is necessary to correct the filled insulation material. After that, it hits the mask on the skeleton. The mask is usually made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of LMM.

Drinking water transport truck tank inside the general use of non-toxic high temperature resistant nano waterborne coatings for corrosion treatment, with impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-uv and non-toxic and other functions. Multi-functional heat preservation hot water transport vehicle is not equipped with conventional sprinkling pump, the choice is the electric heat pump, with high temperature resistance, long range and other characteristics, in line with the practical use of vehicles.

The hot water pump of drinking water transport truck is a kind of centrifugal pump that can withstand high temperature. It is externally connected with 220V power supply, and the outlet is connected with the fire hydrant interface, which is then covered with the fire belt (the fire belt can withstand high temperature above 150).An electric current is used to transfer hot water to a designated location.

Stainless steel water transport vehicle cooling, hot water in the process of transportation in order to ensure its special use of tank rock cotton, polyurethane foam, aluminum silicate insulation materials do a layer of insulation layer heat insulation layer, the hot water tank car tanks can be selected according to user requirements of carbon steel or stainless steel material, the cost is low, the former is suitable for the hot water, and you send them the latter durable, suitable for use to drink hot water.

3-5 cubic insulated water truck, 6-8 cubic insulated water truck, 10-12 cubic insulated water truck, 12-15 cubic hot water truck, 16-20 cubic hot water truck, 35 tons insulated water semitrailer, 40 tons insulated water semitrailer, 50 tons insulated water semitrailer

Specification of  Sinotruk 4x2 160PH 13cbm water tank truck

Condition LHD/4×2
Chassis Brand Sinotruk
Dimension(mm) 7100x2250x2950
Wheelbase(mm) 4700
Curb weight(kg) 5660
Approach/departure angle(°) 27/20
Front /rear overhang(mm) 1240/2505
Wheel track(front /rear)(mm) 1886/1845
Max driving speed(km/h) 95
Tire Quantity  6pcs+1
Specification 9.00R20
Transmission 6 shifts
Cab 3 people allowed ,flat head ,two door
Engine Brand Yuchai YC4E160-33
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement(ml) 4257
Power(kw) 118
Horsepower(hp) 160
Maximum torque(N.m) 600
Intake form TURBO-charged, inter-cooling, 4 cylinders in line, 4 strokes, direct injection
Emission standard Euro Ⅲ
Water Tank
Tank Material Q235B
Paint Anti-corrosive
Volume 13,000L
Compartment 1 compartment, with one manhole , one bottom valve, one discharge vale
Ladder 1 set 1 set
Tool Box 2 sets 2 sets
Discharge hose storage 2 sets, one for each side 2 sets, one for each side

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