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Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck
  • Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck
  • Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck
  • Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck
  • Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck
  • Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck
  • Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck full name concrete mixer truck, is used to transport concrete used for mixing construction trucks; Because of its shape, it is often called the field snail car. These trucks are equipped with cylindrical mixing cylinders to carry the mixed concrete. During the transportation, the mixing cylinder will be kept rotating to ensure that the concrete will not solidify. After the delivery of concrete, usually will be washed with water inside the mixing cylinder, to prevent the hardening of the concrete space, so that the volume of the mixing cylinder is less and less.

Our concrete mixer truck advantages:

Shape:  The tank body adopts a pear-shaped structure with small inclination angle, low center of gravity, and safe and stable driving.

Material: The mixer drum and blade are made of 520JJ special wear-resistant steel, which can enhance wear resistance and extend service life effectively.

Structure: The sub-frame adopts the assembled cable-stayed structure to further improve the anti-torsion capability of the frame; reasonably reduce the influence of the torsion of the upper part on the chassis, and extend the service life of the chassis from the structure. 

Specification of Sinotruk 6*4 12m3 Concrete mixer Truck
Drive model                   6x4/LHD
Max. Driving Speed(km/h)                      75
Cabin Passengers Allowed in front row 3 persons
Vehicle Curb Weight(kg) 12770
Overall Dimensions(L x W x H)(mm) 8600*2500*3700
Approach/Departure angle(°) 21/15
Wheel Base(mm) 3600+1350
Overhang (front/rear) (mm) 1320/2330
Wheel Track (front/rear) (mm) 1995/1820/1850
Axle charge(front/rear)(ton) 43664
Tire 12.00R20 ,10 wheels with one spare tire
Engine Model WD615.69
Air-in Type TURBO, inter-cooling
Engine Type Vertical, In-line, water-cooling, 4 strokes
Fuel Diesel
MAX Power(HP) 336
Emission standard Euro Ⅱ
Cylinder Number 6
Rated Speed(RPM) 2200
MAX Torque(N.M) 1350
Displacement(L) 9.726
Gear Box Model HW15710
Shift 10manual
Reverse shift 2
Rated Speed(RPM) 2600
MAX Torque(N.M) 1500
Upper part
Mixing Drum Capacity 14cubic meters
Shell Material Alloy steel(special wear- resistant material,
enhance the service life of tank at least 3 times)
Lining Material 16Mn 6mm alloy steel
End plate Material 8mm alloy steel
Blade Material Bao Steel 520 5mm alloy steel (equipped with
 wear-resistant strip, longer service time)
Feed Rate (m3/min) ≥3
Discharging Rate(m3/min) ≥2
Discharging Residual Ratio(%) ≤0.5
Discharging Rage 180°
Operation mode Control panel in cabin or on each side the 
mixer tank
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump America Sauer or America Eaton
Hydraulic motor America Sauer or America Eaton
Radiator Chinese brand
Reducer Italy PMP or Italy Bonfiglioli or Germany ZF
Water Tank Volume(L) 400
Supply system Air-pressure
Description Provide water to concrete during transportation 
and to cool down the hydraulic system. With 
wash-hand device.

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